Long time Trenton security officer of Board of Education dies

TRENTON NJ: Peterson: Growing up in the Trenton school system and attending Gregory Elementary School I met officer Reeves on several occasions and half of them ended with me crying after she told me she going to put me in her truck to the station and after a good Reeves talking I was back to class. To the Trenton community she will always Be know as Officer Reeves. She will be Missed surly by her family and friends.


  • Bernadette Riley

    My Condolences to the family of Officer Reeves. She keep us straight in those halls. Rest in Paradise. You earned your Wings 🙏❤


  • My sincere condolences to her family, I’m going to truly miss her. She was the only one at Junior 2 that kept it real with us and told us like it was. Loved her for that. Sleep in Paradise Mrs Reeves ❤


  • Stefany Donado

    Sincere condolences. You will be very missed. Forever Officer Reeves in my heart. ❤️Rest Easy.


  • I served with her in theUSAR! A born leader! May she rest easy😓😓


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