Trenton Police officer remains in critical condition

Trenton Police Officer Kevin Starkey

Family members of Trenton Police Officer Kevin Starkey family posted to Facebook about Starkey condition and it rapidly spread throughout Facebook, Family stated that Starkey has suffered a skull fracture,brain bleed,broken ribs. And had to be intubated and has some fluids on the lungs. Starkey did come to for a bit which he was disoriented and would only respond back in numbers when asked questions. Starkey also suffered a stroke from his injuries. The family ask everyone to please keep Kevin Starkey and his wife who is also a Trenton police Officer in your prayer.


  1. Yvette c signal · August 3

    I pray right now for him for healing Lord in the name of Jesus and comfort for his family at this time in Jesus name🙏🏽


  2. Michele · August 3

    I will keep kevin in my prayers🙏my goodness im so sorry this is happening.the family also im prayin for strength during this time.God has kevin in his loving healing hands we must pray hard🙏God bless kevin n his family now n forever!


  3. Betty Nickens · August 3

    Praying For Kevin and his wife, I know God is good ,yes he is, leave it all in God hands .


  4. Maggie · August 3

    Padre Pia St Anthony Please bring this man to a full recovery


  5. Cathy White Danka · August 3

    I pray that this officer recovers


  6. Cathy · August 3

    Praying for Officer Starkey’s complete recovery.


  7. Danielle · August 3

    Prayers go out to Officer Starkey, give strength to his wife and family! Hope he has a a complete recovery 🙏🙏❤️


  8. Cher · August 4

    Prayers to God to let these family members and Kevin feel the loving arms around them during this time. And prayers for healing.


  9. Jennifer · August 4

    My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin, Maria and their families at this time. God please continue to watch over them and give him the strength to heal from his injuries. In Jesus name Amen 🙏


  10. Michaela Chell · August 5

    I need you Uncle Kevin I love you to. My birthday is coming im gonna be 8 and you have to out of that hospital soon cause my birthday is coming and all the holidays. You are a hero uncle kevin you got the bad guy and saved alot of people. I love you so much….love Michaela


  11. Maryann Jones · August 8

    Praying for you and will keep you in my prayers and thoughts


  12. Carmen · August 9

    Our prayers out for Officer Starkey, his wife and Family.
    Jesus Christ please cover Him with Your Precious blood, for a full recovery. God our strong prayers and thoughts are with him and his enite family.


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