PHOTOS: ‘Back the Blue’ event yields huge turnout in Hamilton Township

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP (MERCER): Around 1,000 people gathered this morning for a ‘Back the Blue’ event held in Hamilton. The event started at 9:30 Saturday morning at Veteran’s Park on the Klockner Road side where vehicles gathered with flags and other supportive gear, then a procession was held to the VFW on Fisher Place in Yardville. Residents could be seen with flags and clapping hands outside of their houses cheering on the procession. Hamilton Police cars were able to show appreciation by driving through Veteran’s park blaring their lights and sirens. At the VFW, attendees were honored to have Ronald C. Brooks, a double amputee war Veteran, sing the National Anthem. A few guest speakers also spoke on problems they thought should be addressed and other topics that were worthy of the event. A NJ State Police helicopter also conducted a flyby at the VFW to give thanks to all attendees showing support.

Route of the procession

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