Statement from Trenton Police Department Director Sheilah A. Coleyon the State Attorney General’s Release of Video Regardingthe April 3 Incident with Stephen A. Dolceamore

“This tragic incident illustrates why the Trenton Police Department must continue to expand its efforts to be more accountable to the community we serve. We must increase the rate at which we review complaints from area residents and, when necessary, take departmental disciplinary action. This matter was immediately referred to the N.J. Attorney General’s Office when it happened earlier this year.

Today, more Trenton Police Officers are equipped with body cameras than ever before. In addition, we’re starting to train officers in techniques for restraining suspects that don’t require the use of physical force.

TPD officers are contending with a simultaneous uptick in crime and a greater demand for accountability. I’m confident that my officers can – and will – meet that challenge. Trenton residents deserve nothing less.”

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  1. The next thing that needs to be stopped is police that are taking legal registered cars,from the people in Trenton,and giving them to Hawk Towing makeing deals with them. It use to be Ale’s Towing now it’s Hawks. I can prove it was done to me.”I have paperwork,names,and pictures.

  2. How about Cops STOP harassing, descriminating against, and killing people?? I hope these 4 cops are going to be charged with murder!

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