TRENTON ( MERCER) Trenton Ems and Capital Health paramedics responded to the area of Mulberry and Breunig Ave Tuesday night just before 11:00 Pm where two children were critically injured after being shot. Neighbors reported hearing at least 8 gunshots and then people screaming for help. Trenton Ems and Capital Health paramedics transported both children to the trauma center in grave condition. Trenton police and the Mercer County shooting response team and the Homicide task force investigating the scene.

The Mercer County Prosecutors office, confirmed a eight year old boy and a 16 year old male boy was shot and killed.

This is a developing story article will be updated as more information becomes available.

One comment

  • This is what B.L.M. should be protesting and calling attention to. But it doesn’t fit the agenda . WTF PEOPLE? I DONT GIVE A F&CK WHAT COLOR YOU ARE….THESE ARE FKN INNOCENT CHILDREN BEING SHOT. WHERE’S THE OUTRAGE???? Don’t give me that gun control shit. All that does is make the black market more money. Instead of an individual obtaining a legal registered firearm,that can be traced…they buy a burner on the black market. Smfh. I believe if we were able to carry a legal firearm in this state a criminal might think twice before pulling the trigger for fear of being shot by a legal carrying citizen. Laws aside,race aside, we all bleed the same,we all shed the same tears for a loved one taken by violence, especially when it’s a child. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!! SPEAK UP!!! SAVE OUR FUTURE LEADERS OF THIS WORLD!!!


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