Trenton Police welcomes 15 new Officers

Trenton, NJ ,(Mercer) The Trenton Police Department welcomed 15 new Police officers Thursday at Galilee Baptist Church. The graduates endured 21 weeks of training at the academy in all aspects of law enforcement at the Mercer County Police academy, which was created in October 2006, is located on the grounds of Mercer County Community College. The officers were sworn in and had their badges pinned by family members.

Trenton Police Officers.

  • Nasir C. Bland
  • Melquan A. Christie
  • Ismael F. Garcia
  • Randy Gonzalez- Cardona
  • Melvin D. Hamilton II
  • Joshua P. Jenei
  • Rudy A. Lopez
  • Eric Mensah
  • Jerry R. McClure
  • Phillip McGill
  • Jose A. Ocasio III
  • Alexis J. Peralta
  • Renny M. Peralta
  • Xavier Sanchez
  • Harold J. Williams, Jr.

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