Woman Blocks NJ Transit Bus while Ems respond to unresponsive child

Trenton, NJ ( Mercer) Tuesday evening a Woman in a motorized wheelchair blocked a NJ transit bus 613 from continuing on its route down Martin Luther King Blvd and Southard street . While the woman blocked the bus a Medical call went out in the area for a unresponsive child that caused Ems and Police to fly passed the woman. When Police arrived the woman told Trenton Police officers “ Write me a ticket for obstructing traffic and this can be over” The condition of the child that CPR was being performed on is unknown and also why the woman blocked the NJ Transit bus, police officers cited the woman and she rolled on her way.

Teenager struck by car in Hamilton

Hamilton, NJ ( Mercer) Hamilton Police responded to the intersection of Bow Hill Ave and Julia Ave after a teenage male was struck by a car while riding his bike Wednesday evening with a group of friends. The teen suffered a leg injury. One nearby neighbor said They are glad his injuries are not more

Multiple Wounded in West Ward Shooting

Trenton, NJ (Mercer) Trenton Police are investigating a shooting in the West Ward on Stuyvesant Ave and Hoffman Ave Wednesday afternoon. Reportedly 3 people were shot and transported by car to Capital Health Regional Medical Center. Residents reported hearing multiple gunshots rang out, the gunman remains at large.


The Amber Alert has been Cancelled, the child was located. NEW JERSEY: The New Jersey State Police is activating the Amber Abducted Child Alert Plan. The East Orange Police Department is investigating a confirmed child abduction which occurred on May 10, 2021 at 26 Lindsley Place in East Orange, NJ at 1245 PM. The child,


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