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Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli Encourages Students to Speak Up & Speak Out!

Trenton, NJ (Mercer). Yesterday morning, Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli joined Interim Principal Dana Williamson at Joyce Kilmer School in Trenton to present several-dozen donated copies of “Speechless,” — a children’s book about the importance finding your voice and speaking up for what you believe in — by Matt Eventoff (second from left) and Thomas Ray García.

He spoke to fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students about the fundamental importance of reading and finding your voice early in life. The students and the Assemblyman took a pledge together, that he created, to read regularly and speak up and speak out for what is right.

He also presented copies of a joint legislative resolution commemorating the event to Interim Principal Williamson, Ms. Bella, Mr. Porche, Mr. Beitel, Ms. Martin and Ms. Wooten. The event was received well by everyone who participated. – Narrative provided by Karl Weiskopf, Aide to the Assemblyman.

Assemblyman Verrelli speaks to students about finding his voice and the importance of speaking up and speaking out.
Co-Author Matt Eventoff addresses students about the book and the importance of speaking up.
Assemblyman Verrelli leads students in the pledge he created as a part of his Speak Up, Speak Out – Your Voice Matters movement.

Flag Placement Ceremony Held Today at Locust Hill Cemetary

Trenton, NJ (Mercer). Despite the rainy and chilly day today, Mayor Reed Gusciora, soloist Karen Hilton and many others attended the Flag Placement Ceremony at The Locust Hill Cemetery in Trenton, New Jersey.

Flags were placed in honor of at least 10 African American Civil War veterans that are buried there. Locust Hill is the city of Trenton’s largest remaining burial ground.

This event was sponsored by the 6th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops Reenactors and the Kiwanis Club of Trenton. – Written by: Sarita Wilson

Mayor Gusciora Statement on Calendar Year Budget Proposal Advancing to Second Reading

Tonight, there was a proposal to move Trenton’s budget from a fiscal year – July to June – to a calendar year – January to December, like most municipalities across New Jersey.

The result would be more than a $30 million surplus in the City’s budget.

Why? As we embark on an 18-month budget transition from July 2021 through December 2022, we would need to make only one pension payment in April 2022. However, we would still get two State aid payments in November 2021 and November 2022.

We thank Council for its input and advancing the proposal to second reading on June 10, 2021. We also want to thank the N.J. Department of Community Affairs, which has supported us throughout this process, including making a related presentation before City Council on Tuesday.

Over the next few weeks we look forward to hopefully finalizing this transition, which would help us achieve another zero percent increase (and possibly a reduction) in property taxes for our residents.

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City of Trenton to Consider Transition to Calendar Year Budget Cycle This Week

Trenton, N.J. – Mayor W. Reed Gusciora announced today that the City of Trenton will start public discussions about the transition to a calendar year budget cycle and the acceptance of Trenton’s first payment under the American Rescue Plan during City Council meetings this week.

Ordinance 21-012 will move the City’s budget from a fiscal year cycle to a calendar year cycle starting Jan. 1, 2022. The N.J. Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will make a presentation outlining the benefits of the transition before City Council tonight, May 25, 2021. The related public hearing and second reading will be June 10, 2021.

If passed, Trenton will begin a six-month transition period in July 2021 before shifting to a 12-month calendar at the start of 2022. The move will streamline the budget process and align Trenton with how most municipalities and counties in the state operate. Trenton is one of just seven municipalities in the entire state that still operate under a fiscal year budget calendar. Paterson made a similar conversion last year.

Despite the next budget only covering a six-month period, Trenton could potentially be eligible for a year’s worth of anticipated state aid. In addition, the City would be required to only make one pension payment over the next 18 months.

“Overall, a calendar year budget would put Trenton in the best position to pass another budget that has a zero-tax increase for city residents and help build up a surplus,” said Mayor Gusciora. “Not only would this transition help us embrace the best budget practices already at work in municipalities across the state, it could also make us eligible for more state aid during the first six months, which would be a major benefit as we work to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic.”

City Council will also consider Resolution 21-201 accepting the first $36.5 million in American Rescue Plan funds. The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan contains $360 billion in state and local aid to help employ essential workers, assist struggling families and small businesses, and make critical infrastructure investments. Trenton will receive $72,913,998 across two payments, the first of which was received on May 19.

On May 10, 2021, sixty days after President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law, the U.S. Department of Treasury issued its “Interim Final Rule,” which details eligible uses for funds. The Interim Final Rule is currently open for a 60-day comment period, which will close on July 9, 2021 after which Treasury will issue its Final Rule based on questions and comments from state and local governments.

Eligible uses include supporting public health expenditures, addressing negative economic impacts related to COVID-19, replacing lost public sector revenue, providing premium pay for essential workers, and investing in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure. Generally, municipalities must assess whether and how the use would respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency and identify the connection between the negative impact and how the assistance responds to that impact.

The guidance offers wide latitude to support public health initiatives and resources, including COVID-19 mitigation and containment, medical expenses, and behavioral and mental health services. This also includes capital investments in public facilities to meet operational requirements related to the pandemic. Municipalities are also empowered to address negative economic impacts for individuals, households, small businesses, and non-profits, especially in low-income and socially vulnerable communities.

The City is currently developing proposals based on the updated guidance. Following the passage of the American Rescue Plan, the Office of the Mayor also assembled an advisory committee of city officials, policy experts, and community leaders to help evaluate upcoming projects. In addition, the City awaits additional guidance from DCA on how to budget the funds.

Residents interested in learning more about the budget transition can visit the City’s website at for instructions on how to tune in to tonight’s City Council meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m.

James N. Earle to be Named Superintendent of Trenton Public Schools

Trenton, NJ (Mercer). Tonight at the Trenton Public School Board meeting, the hot topic of who the next Superintendent to lead the helm of Trenton Public Schools rose to the floor for discussion.

Interim Superintendent Alfonzo Llano has accepted the Superintendent position in Vineland, NJ which left the door of opportunity open for a new Superintendent of Schools in Trenton.

Before going into Executive Session, Board President Addie Lane called former Trenton Central High School Principal, James N. Earle to the podium to address everyone prior to their vote solidifying the deal of him becoming the new Superintendent.

Interim Superintendent Llano and Superintendent Earle are currently preparing for the transition of the position so that Earle can assume his new role on July 1st and hit the ground running.

Man Barricades Himself in Apartment, Threatens Shoot out with Police

Trenton, NJ (Mercer). The following information was provided by Detective Sergeant Cynthia Hargis of Trenton PD.

This evening, Trenton Police arrived at an apartment building located on the 500 block of Bellevue Avenue to conduct an investigation of the unrelated now suspect who interjected himself and began yelling at the officers when they entered the building.

The officers advised the man to return back into his apartment so they could finish their investigation. The man became upset and yelled that he had a gun, a vest (bulletproof), and that he would have a shoot-out with the police.

The suspect then barricaded himself in the unit and yelled out once again that he wanted to have a shoot-out with the officers. The officers believed the threat to be serious because the 31- year old black male from Trenton had recently gotten released from jail due to a gun charge.

Negotiations were attempted by the police, the suspect’s mother and his sister, all to no avail. Police then used a flash bang grenade to enter the apartment where the man was quickly apprehended and taken to crisis for evaluation. No one was seriously injured and at this point, it is unknown if charges will be filed. The stand-off ended a little after 11:00pm.

Several neighbors commended the officers on a job well done. One woman told us, “I want you to put it in the news, yes, the police did good tonight; they did real good.”

Princeton Hydro To Relocate Its Headquarters To Trenton’s Historic Roebling Wireworks Carpentry Shop

Hydro 1
Hydro 2
Hydro 3
hydro 4

Trenton, N.J. – In Trenton’s Wirerope District, the historic Roebling Carpentry Shop will be transformed into three floors of unique, state-of-the-art office space while maintaining the character and features of the original brick and heavy timber building. Princeton Hydro and Hx2 Development are pleased to announce the signing of a lease, where the firm will relocate its headquarters from Ringoes, NJ to Trenton, NJ and occupy approximately 9,000 sf of this building (Building 110). Construction on this unique project has kicked-off, with move-in slated for January 2022. This move by Princeton Hydro will result in the relocation of 30+ jobs to Trenton. It will bring to life a building that has been vacant for more than 25 years and adapting its use from industrial to transit-oriented, modern office space.

The new tenant, Princeton Hydro, is a water resources engineering and natural resources management small business committed to changing our ecosystems, quality of life, and communities for the better. The firm was formed in 1998 with the specific mission of providing integrated ecological and engineering consulting services and offers expertise in natural resource management, water resources engineering, geotechnical design & investigation, and regulatory compliance throughout the Northeast.

“From restoring ecosystems and improving the water quality to providing sound geotechnical engineering and designing for resiliency, we are passionate about our mission and the services we provide. With so much character and opportunity, our new space will enable us to increase our regional reach and partner with more clients that share our values,” said Geoffrey Goll, President of Princeton Hydro. “After looking at many properties, we fell in love with this space. It is the perfect mix of character, history, and location, and it fulfills our desire to be a part of the revitalization of the City of Trenton. We’re excited to meet our new neighbors and look forward to getting involved with the local community.”

The project, being constructed by Trenton-based Hx2 Development and designed by Trenton-based Architecture and Planning firm, Clarke Caton Hintz, has received enormous support and encouragement from the City of Trenton and Greater Trenton, the local organization dedicated to advancing revitalization efforts in the City. 

“We’re very excited Princeton Hydro has picked the Capital City as its new home and look forward to seeing this historic site reclaim its status as a bustling center of commerce and ingenuity,” said Mayor W. Reed Gusciora. “We hope this is one of many new businesses looking to take advantage of Trenton’s unique combination of historic architecture, transportation routes, cultural amenities, and proximity to government agencies.”

The completion of Building 110 represents the next step in the exciting redevelopment of Roebling Center, which includes five historic industrial buildings on Block 3 of the John A. Roebling’s Sons Company. Phase 1, completed in 2018, included the opening of Roebling Lofts, a unique 138-unit loft apartment building located in Building 101 of the Roebling Complex.

“It’s great to work with a client like Princeton Hydro, with their strong commitment to sustainability, collaborative and innovative workspaces, and new technologies. Their new offices are going to be extraordinary!” said John Hatch, Principal of Clarke Caton Hintz.

Managing principal of Hx2 Development, David Henderson, described the significance of Princeton Hydro’s move, “We are very excited to welcome this regionally prominent consulting firm to Roebling Center and to Trenton! In Building 110, we are providing this unique firm with unique space that has extraordinary historic character, including heavy timber structure, huge windows, skylights, and wonderful brickwork as well as state of the art building systems and exciting finishes.”

“We are proud to welcome this terrific firm to the City of Trenton and are especially pleased that they moved here because of our wonderful transportation network, our convenient location, and our extraordinary history and architecture!” said George Sowa, CEO of Greater Trenton. He added, “This move represents a wonderful partnership between a professional firm with big ideas and commitments, the hard work of City staff, and Greater Trenton’s assistance with marketing and logistics. This is a win-win for all involved and we are excited to welcome Princeton Hydro to Trenton!”

Photo Credit Clarke Caton Hintz
Photo Credit Clarke Caton Hintz
Photo Credit Clarke Caton Hintz
Photo Credit Clarke Caton Hintz

Trenton Pauses Use of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Trenton, N.J. – Mayor W. Reed Gusciora today announced that the City of Trenton Department of Health and Human Services has followed guidance issued just this morning by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the N.J. Department of Health to pause any use of the Johnson & Johnson single-dose COVID-19 vaccine.

According to the N.J. Department of Health, the CDC and the FDA are reviewing the data involving six reported cases – among nearly seven million doses administered in the U.S. – in women between the ages of 18 and 48 who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Symptoms occurred six to 13 days after vaccination. In these cases, a type of blood clot called cerebral venous sinus thrombosis was seen in combination with low levels of blood platelets.

Both the CDC and FDA have said that these adverse events are extremely rare. According to the FDA and CDC, individuals who have received the vaccine and develop abdominal pain, leg pain, shortness of breath, severe headache or other unusual symptoms within three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care provider.

The City of Trenton has issued approximately 3,000 Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Most of these vaccines were administered during the joint federal, state, and city vaccine clinic that concluded two weeks ago. The City has not received any reports that those vaccinations have resulted in the same adverse effects referenced above. However, City health officers will review their records and contact any individuals who fit the demographics mentioned in today’s federal guidance.

Due to this development, the City’s homebound resident vaccination program – which uses the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine because it is easier to transport and requires only one appointment – will be paused until further notice. City health officers will be in constant contact with the approximately 100 individuals who have just been vaccinated as part of this campaign. The City is also evaluating alternative plans, including the use of other types of vaccines, to still get this vulnerable population protected from COVID-19.

Trenton will continue to administer its weekly allotment of Moderna Vaccines.

Any Trenton residents who have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, either during the homebound campaign that started yesterday or the clinic at Trenton Central High School two weeks ago, can call 609-815-2180 with any questions. As per the CDC guidance, any individual who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and experiences abdominal pain, leg pain, shortness of breath, severe headache or other unusual symptoms within three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care provider.

Trenton, N.J. – el alcalde W. Reed Gusciora anunció hoy que el Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de la Ciudad de Trenton ha seguido la orientación dada esta mañana por los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC), la Administración de Alimentos y medicamentos (FDA) de los Estados Unidos y el N.J. Departamento de Salud para interrumpir cualquier uso de la vacuna de dosis única COVID-19 de Johnson & Johnson.

Según el N.J. El Departamento de Salud, los CDC y la FDA están revisando los datos que involucran seis casos reportados – entre casi siete millones de dosis administradas en los EE.UU. – en mujeres entre las edades de 18 y 48 años que recibieron la vacuna Johnson & Johnson. Los síntomas ocurrieron entre seis y 13 días después de la vacunación. En estos casos, se observó un tipo de coágulo de sangre llamado trombosis del seno venoso cerebral en combinación con niveles bajos de plaquetas sanguíneas

Tanto los CDC como la FDA han dicho que estos eventos adversos son extremadamente raros. De acuerdo con la FDA y los CDC, las personas que han recibido la vacuna y desarrollan dolor abdominal, dolor en las piernas, dificultad para respirar, dolor de cabeza severo u otros síntomas inusuales dentro de las tres semanas después de la vacunación deben ponerse en contacto con su proveedor de atención médica.

La Ciudad de Trenton ha emitido aproximadamente 3.000 vacunas Johnson & Johnson. La mayoría de estas vacunas se administraron durante la clínica de vacunas conjunta federal, estatal y municipal que concluyó hace dos semanas. La Ciudad no ha recibido ningún informe de que esas vacunas hayan resultado en los mismos efectos adversos mencionados anteriormente. Sin embargo, los oficiales de salud de la Ciudad revisarán sus registros y contactarán a cualquier persona que se ajuste a la demografía mencionada en la guía federal de hoy.

Debido a este desarrollo, el programa de vacunación de residentes confinados en casa de la Ciudad – que usa la vacuna de dosis única Johnson & Johnson porque es más fácil de transportar y requiere solo una cita – será pausado hasta nuevo aviso. Los funcionarios de salud de la ciudad estarán en contacto constante con las aproximadamente 100 personas que acaban de vacunarse como parte de esta campaña. La Ciudad también está evaluando planes alternativos, incluyendo el uso de otros tipos de vacunas, para obtener esta vulnerab

Trenton continuará administrando su asignación semanal de vacunas Moderna.

Cualquier residente de Trenton que haya recibido la vacuna Johnson & Johnson, ya sea durante la campaña en casa que comenzó ayer o la clínica en Trenton Central High School hace dos semanas, puede llamar al 609-815-2180 con cualquier pregunta. De acuerdo con la guía de los CDC, cualquier persona que recibió la vacuna Johnson & Johnson y experimenta dolor abdominal, dolor en las piernas, dificultad para respirar, dolor de cabeza severo u otros síntomas inusuales dentro de las tres semanas después de la vacunación debe contactar a su proveedor de atención médica.

Mayor gusciora begins vaccine mobilization campaign today

Today, Mayor Reed Gusciora, along with Health & Human Services Director, Dr. Adela Lopez and Office of Emergency Management Director Grady Griffin visit residents of South Village Senior Centers in Trenton to provide them with the COVID – 19 vaccination. There was great excitement by the Mayor and his team to be able to provide this service to those who are elderly as well as homebound. They vaccinated 109 people today visiting the South Village Centers, Luther Towers as well as 10-15 homebound residents in the South Trenton Area.

This will be a two week effort as Dr. Lopez intends to visit residents in all four wards of the city. For more information, email or

Hoy, el Alcalde Reed Gusciora, junto con la Directora de Salud y Servicios Humanos, la Dra. Adela López y la Directora de la Oficina de Manejo de Emergencias Grady Griffin visitan a los residentes de los Centros de ancianos de South Village en Trenton para proporcionarles la vacuna COVID – 19. Hubo gran emoción por parte del alcalde y su equipo para poder prestar este servicio a los ancianos, así como a los que están en casa. Vacunaron a 109 personas hoy visitando los Centros de la aldea Sur, las Torres Lutero, así como 10-15 homebou

Este será un esfuerzo de dos semanas, ya que el Dr. López tiene la intención de visitar a los residentes en los cuatro barrios de la ciudad. Para obtener más información, envíe un correo electrónico o

Mayor Gusciora Statement on Passing of TWW Human Resources Manager Rafael Valentin

My condolences go out to the friends, family, and colleagues of TWW Human Resources Manager Rafael Valentin, who passed away over the weekend. Given the huge outpouring of support we’ve seen from employees at City Hall and Trenton Water Works, along with the countless lives he has touched throughout the Trenton community, it’s clear his passing will leave a huge hole in the collective heart of this city. I wish his loved ones all the best through these troubled times. He will be missed.

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