Peterson’s Breaking News reporter test positive for Covid-19

Trenton NJ ( Mercer ) Monday morning, Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton reporter Crystal Feliciano released some shocking news that she has tested positive for Covid – 19. She went live on Friday following her test encouraging others to be sure to get tested regardless of how they were feeling.

She contracted the virus from her part time place of employment. Feliciano is in good spirits and encourages everyone to get tested and ask that you do keep her and her family in prayer. To date, her daughter has tested negative.

Trump Siege

1/6/2021 Washington DC: A member of the Sons of Liberty in New Jersey flies a flag in favor of President Donald J. Trump as he listens to the speech. Photographer | Drew Mumich

On a day when the Nation would come closer to the reality of President Elect Joe Biden being sworn into office on January 20th, chaos and mayhem rang throughout the U.S. Capitol as Trump supporters stormed the grounds and the building.

1/6/2021 Washington DC: Trump’s rally brought hundreds of thousands of people to Washington DC to march to the Senate Building. Photographer | Drew Mumich
1/6/2021 Washington DC: A Washington DC police officer stands guard over the Capitol building with loaded pepper spray ready to be fired into the crowd. Photographer | Drew Mumich

Also present during what has been called, a historic display of disrespect and carnage, were the media to help capture the many acts that many have referred to as “treason” that took place. One of them was Journalist/Photographer Drew Mumich who reached out to us here at Peterson’s to have us share with you what he was able to capture from his perspective.

1/6/2021 Washington DC: The supporters of the president walked down Constitution Ave. to practice their first amendment rights. Photographer | Drew Mumich

Per Drew, “In the early morning of January 6, 2021, Donald J. Trump supporters began what would be one of the longest days of 2021.  Hundreds of thousands of people from all across the nations gathered in front of the Washington Monument to rally against the vote that would declare President Elect Joe Biden the next President of the United States.  Supporters of the President have continued to back him and his claims of massive voter fraud.”

1/6/2021 Washington DC: A Trump supporter yells insults at Washington DC Police in riot gear. Photographer | Drew Mumich

As many watched in amazement and disbelief, there were many that cheered on the actions of the supporters as they carried out “the subliminal orders given” by President Trump at his earlier presentation in which he personally addressed supporters.

1/6/2021 Washington DC: Supportors of the president make their way down to the Senate meeting while the woman on left looks directly in the camera and holds up a White Power symbol. Photographer| Drew Mumich

Despite the bombarding of the Hill, dismantling of offices and chambers, the call to “shelter in place,’ breaking windows to get in, waving the confederate flag, scaling the wall to the grounds, a standoff and the event ending with 4 people being killed on this tragic day, Joe Biden has still been certified to be the next President of the United States.

The questions now become, what will happen over the duration of Trump’s remaining days in office and what will happen to those supporters (protestors) that stormed the Capitol, will justice be served?

1/6/2021 Washington DC: Pepper spray is used on supports of the President constantly as they tried to storm the Capitol building. Photographer | Drew Mumich
1/6/2021 Washington DC: Trump supporters scatter as tear gas from the police is flung into the crowd. Photographer | Drew Mumich
1/6/2021 Washington DC: Multiple Trump supporters dressed in body armour armed with what seem to be tactical gear like knives. Photographer | Drew Mumich1/6/2020
1/6/2021 Washington DC: Trump supporters take over the scaffolding, encouraging others to join in the siege. Photographer | Drew Mumich
1/6/2021 Washington DC: After President Donald J. Trump gave his speech to the crowd, supporters of the president marched their way to the senate building. Photographer | Drew Mumich
1/6/2021 Washington DC: The large American Flag was used by multiple raiders to protect themselves from tear gas and pepper spray. Photographer | Drew Mumich

Crystal Feliciano Receives Nation Builder Award

Recently, NationBuilder, (, put a call out to the community asking: “who are the leaders keeping our families, neighborhoods, and communities together right now? In this unfathomable year, who is helping us get through and helping us heal? Who is showing up every single day to give what they can to those around them?” We are thrilled to announce that one of the names submitted and selected is our very own Crystal Feliciano!

Crystal was nominated to be one of 2020’s top ten #EverydayLeaders by West Trenton resident, Kadja Manuel, who emphasized Crystal’s many contributions to the city of Trenton. As a result of her being selected, she as well as the other 9 honorees were each given a very special gift—a personalized song from singer/songwriter Jon Lajoie “(you may know him from Wolfie’s Just Fine, the League, or from Lego Movie 2).” Crystal will also receive $500 which can be given directly to her or donated on her behalf to a nonprofit of her choice along with $1,000 of NationBuilder service that she can use herself or give to someone else.

I am so proud of Crystal and this major accomplishment and wanted to make sure that we celebrate her here on Peterson’s Breaking News! Crystal not only is a reporter with PBN but she is also a very good friend of mine and I am so happy to share in this moment with her and would love it if you all join me in congratulating her!

Man injured after crashing into Pedestrian bridge on Route 29

TRENTON, NJ ( Mercer) Tuesday afternoon a man traveling Southbound on Route 29 just passing the Arm & Hammer Park crashed his pickup truck into a pedestrian bridge near the exit for Lalor street and the entrance to Trenton Thunder Road. It is unclear what caused the male to crash. Trenton emergency medical services transported the man to the hospital for further evaluation.

Former Peterson’s Breaking news reporter laid to rest

SPOTSWOOD – CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL HAASE passed away on Sunday, December 13, 2020, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick. He was 39. 

Born in Secaucus, he resided there before moving to South River, finally settling down in Spotswood under a year ago. 

Christopher was self-employed, working various jobs over the years, including a time where he worked as a DJ. He volunteered for the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Trenton/Mercer Signal 22 Association, and Peterson’s Breaking News, Trenton. A sponsor of the Special Olympics, he devoted his passion and time to serving others. Christopher was also the recipient of the Jefferson Volunteerism Award and the Life Saving Award from the Coast Guard. His legacy will be continued through the recipients of his donation to the New Jersey Sharing Network, as well as remaining in the hearts and minds of those he loved. 

Surviving are his parents, Robert and Bernadette Haase, of South River; his sister, Stacey Lubczynski, and her husband, Michael, of South River; his nephew and niece, Aiden & Isabella, and his longtime friend Brenda and companion Courtney.

Funeral services was held on Monday, December 21, 2020, at 8:15 AM in The BRUNSWICK MEMORIAL HOME, 454 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick followed by a 9:00 AM Mass of Christian Burial at Corpus Christi Church, South River.

Two Individuals Charged in Chase Street Homicide

TRENTON, NJ: Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri announced today that an investigation conducted by the Mercer County Homicide Task Force has resulted in charges being filed against a man and a woman in the December 8 homicide of Joel Alexander.
Nasir White, 24, of Ewing, is charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree felony murder, one count of first-degree robbery, weapons offenses, hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence. Monet Maiden, 22, of Trenton, is charged with hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence. Complaints were signed on Tuesday charging both White and Maiden, who were already in custody on unrelated charges out of Lawrence Township. Motions to detain both pending trial have been filed by the prosecutor’s office.
At approximately 3:30 p.m. on December 8, 2020, Trenton police received a 911 call for a report of a male who was dumped out of a vehicle and shot on Chase Street. Responding officers located an unresponsive male, later identified as 49-year-old Alexander, in the street with a gunshot wound to the head. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.
During the course of the investigation, task force detectives collected and reviewed video surveillance footage from the surrounding area, and located and interviewed several witnesses. They were able to identify a gold Honda Accord with tinted windows, distinct aftermarket rims, and an unknown New Jersey registration as the vehicle involved in the incident.
STEPHANIE A. KATZ First Assistant Prosecutor
TAREK A. ELKACHOUTY Deputy Chief of County Detectives

The investigation revealed that a gold Honda Accord drove onto Chase Street from Brunswick Avenue and stopped in the middle of the street. An unknown black male, exited the front driver seat of the vehicle, walked to the rear driver side seat and shot the victim Joel Alexander. The unknown black male was later identified as Nasir White and Monet Maiden was identified in the gold Honda Accord at the time of the murder. Nasir White then dragged the victim out of the car, place him in the middle of the street, and then reentered the gold Honda Accord and fled the area with Maiden. A bulletin with a photograph of the vehicle captured from surveillance video was sent out to surrounding municipalities on December 10.
At approximately 8:30 p.m. on December 13, Lawrence police located a matte black Honda Accord at the Wawa on Brunswick Pike in an unrelated criminal investigation. During that investigation Nasir White, Monet Maiden and Anesha Joynes were arrested for possession of two handguns and drug offenses. Further investigation revealed that the Honda Accord appeared to be spray painted black and ultimately determined to be the gold Honda Accord used in the murder of Joel Alexander. The investigation revealed the Honda Accord as belonging to Monet Maiden and, in the days following the murder, White and Maiden purchased black spray paint to repaint the gold Honda Accord black. White also attempted to clean the interior of the Honda Accord. A search warrant was obtained and a search of the Honda Accord revealed an obvious bloodstain on the backseat of the Honda Accord along with upholstery cleaner.

Monet Maiden, 22, of Trenton