Over 100 Trenton residents lined up for Covid-19 testing

TRENTON ( Mercer ) The city of Trenton held a free COVID-19 testing site at the former Columbus park. Well over 100 residents have gotten tested and even received a thanksgiving turkey. The COVID-19 site comes after Trenton’s numbers sky rocketed with covid cases, Trenton’s transmission rate is currently 44.2 cases per 100,000 people, which exceeds both the state and county rates at 29.3 and 28.9, respectively. Trenton has had a total of 4,598 COVID-19 cases with 80 related deaths. “It’s clear the second wave is here and has hit the Capital City especially hard,” said Mayor Gusciora. “Our transmission rates may even be higher now than they were in the spring. While we believe these new restrictions will help, we won’t get past this crisis unless our residents wear their masks and practice social distancing. No more excuses about COVID-19 fatigue: the virus never gets tired, and neither should our residents and businesses when it comes to keeping this city safe.”

The Covid testing was from 11:00 A.m to 4:00 P.m Wednesday.

Mercer County moves Covid-19 test site to Trenton

TRENTON NJ: Mayor W. Reed Gusciora welcomed expanded COVID-19 testing in the Capital City with the County’s move of their Main Testing Site into Trenton from Quakerbridge Mall as well as the NJ Department of Health Commissioner’s new Directive that people will no longer need a prescription to obtain a Covid-19 test.

“Expanded testing makes it so much easier for Trenton residents to obtain a free Covid-19 test,” said Gusciora. “In effect, we are now saying to come on down to a test site near you!”

Gusciora felt that too many residents were not taking advantage of the City’s testing sites because of the perception it was too costly or difficult to obtain a prescription. In addition, the mayor’s office had complaints that if the person did not have health insurance they did not know where they could go to obtain a prescription. To date, the City has tested 243 residents at their testing sites.

“I applaud Commissioner Persichelli for relaxing the requirements for testing as this will go a long way for more Trenton residents to obtain a Covid-19 test,” said Gusciora. “Under the new Directive, anyone who ‘may’ have been exposed to Covid or who had been in close contact with someone who has tested positive is eligible to receive a test.”

Gusciora was especially pleased that residents or workers in congregate living settings, group homes or homeless shelters would also be eligible for free testing.  The mayor indicated that anyone who is interested could call Henry J. Austin Center at (609) 278-5900 to set up an appointment for a free Covid-19 test.  The City has four (4) test sites in each ward and tests Monday through Thursday.  In addition, the County’s main drive-through testing site is located in the parking lot in front of 640 South Broad Street, the County’s office building.

“I urge anyone who feels they need a Covid-19 test regardless of resident status or lack of symptoms to call for an appointment,” concluded Gusciora. “Through expanded testing we hope to flatten the curve and keep it there for the duration of the pandemic.”

161 Confirmed Positive cases for COVID-19 In Trenton

The City of Trenton posted to it’s Facebook Thursday night that they have 161 confirmed positive cases.

Hospitalized: 9
Home with Moderate symptoms: 8

Home with Mild or no symptoms: 144

Free walk-up COVID-19 testing by appointment only based on a physician’s order will begin Monday April 13 for city residents experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and lacking transportation.

Walk-up test sites will be open in each Trenton ward one day a week. These sites are reserved for residents who suffer COVID-19 symptoms but cannot access the county’s drive-through test site at Quaker Bridge Mall in Lawrence.

Please visit the Trenton Health Team, Inc. website below for more information:

For City related service concerns, please contact:
Phone: 609-989-3888
Email: COVID19@trentonnj.org

All medical questions should be directed to a healthcare professional.

For more information please visit:

Trenton Store Deli owner dies of COVID-19

TRENTON NJ: Rodriguez Santana Owner of Prospect Deli died due to his battle with the Covid-19 virus, The Latino Merchant association of New Jersey said in a Facebook post “rest in peace, we join the pain of the family. Please let’s raise awareness and stay home this is not a game, let’s not wait until it’s too late to take the necessary precautions. May God protect us and we have to keep praying as it is the only thing that can save us 🙏🙏.

Trenton Police begins strong curfew enforcement with NJ State Police help

Trenton Police started their enforcement of City curfew due to Covid-19 at 8Pm Monday night by 9Pm all gas stations were closed and stores were closed in the western/Northern Trenton area the curfew is from 8Pm to 6Am. The New Jersey state police are also in Trenton enforcing The curfew and Phil MurphyGovernor of New Jersey orders. Anyone stopped after 8Pm can get a fine up to two Thousand dollars Mayor Reed Gusciora said at a Press conference at Trenton Fire headquarters Monday afternoon.


Two Trenton Police officers & Director test positive for COVID-19

Trenton police director Sheilah Coley is one of three police officers who tested positive for coronavirus. The City of Trenton learned of the director’s positive results Monday afternoon.

Mayor Reed Gusciora confirmed that three Trenton Police officers tested positive for the coronavirus.

Mayor Gusciora said the officers were asymptomatic and they didn’t know they were infected until the results came back. None of the officers are hospitalized and they’re being quarantined at their residence.

13 employees who worked in close proximity with police director Coley, and the two other officrs who tested positive have been quarantined. Those include top Police brass Captains. Mark Kieffer, Chris Doyle, James Slack, Peter Weremijenko, Stephen Varn, who is also the Police director’s chief of staff, and a civilian who worked in the directors office . Five Police officers from patrol were also quarantined as a precaution after coming into contact with the two positive officers, who last worked the week of March 16 and March 23.

Trenton also set up a Mercer County Covid-19 testing site up for first responders

Trenton’s Covid-19 testing site is running from 8 a.m to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday on North Clinton Ave in a parking lot near Trenton Police Headquarters.

COVID-19 Drive Up Testing site at Quaker Bridge Mall for Residents

The Covid-19 Testing site opened Tuesday March 31.

The Testing center is by appointment only for symptomatic Mercer County residents age 18 or older who have a prescription from their primary health care provider. If you are symptomatic for Covid-19 and want to be tested, contact your Health care provider.

The Testing center, which initially will be open weekdays from 8 A.m to 4 p.m, is a collaborative effort between the County of Mercer, Robert Wood Johnson University hospital Hamilton,Capital Health, St. Francis medical center in Trenton and the Trenton Health team.

No one should be tested without being symptomatic. If the Primary health care provider deems a test is necessary, they will fax a prescription to the Mercer County call center with the patients phone number. Staff will then call the patient, take registration information and schedule an appointment,providing testing site instructions.

For the health, safety and security of the staff at the site, patients will not be permitted to leave their vehicles. Walk-ups are not permitted.

Ewing Police Break up“Rona House party” involving 47 people


Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri and Ewing Police Chief John P. Stemler III reported today that a 54-year-old Ewing Township man was issued two disorderly persons citations for hosting a party in his apartment Friday evening.

Ewing police were called to an apartment on Concord Avenue at approximately 1 a.m. Saturday morning, March 28, on a noise violation.  Upon entry, they observed 47 people having a party that included a DJ with speakers, alcohol and the smell of marijuana.   Police broke up the party and released everyone except for the tenant, who was issued disorderly persons citations for obstruction and violating an executive order.  Police noted that the apartment was 550 square feet with one bedroom and one bathroom.  Almost all of the people at the party were squeezed together inside, with a handful outside of the residence.

Prosecutor Onofri praised the response of the officers and the decision to disperse the partygoers rather than charge everyone in attendance.  “The goal was to break up the party and send everyone home.  Based on safety and resources, police made the right call to only issue citations to the host,” he said.

But the prosecutor also gave a stern reminder to the public to heed the Governor’s executive orders.  “These are mandates, not suggestions.  Mercer County and the entire state of New Jersey will not tolerate such irresponsible, criminal behavior, and violators will be prosecuted.  Not only are these actions illegal, but in a time where such reckless conduct could endanger family, loved ones, first responders and the community at large, they are also unethical.”