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Hamilton Police detectives investigating after a suspect fled the scene on foot in the unit block of Coral Drive Friday evening after a failed robbery attempt.

Neighbors reported hearing a loud bang, confirmed to be a gunshot by Hamilton PD, before looking to see a man with a backpack and a firearm fleeing the scene.

Hamilton Police responded to the call of a person shot, later downgrading it to a assault after the male was struck with the butt of the gun. Robert Wood ems responded to the scene where the male refused medical attention.

Update: 10:07 2/26/2021
Hamilton Police Department Released a Press release explaining that a black male, holding a handgun, approached a male and female victim as the two exited their vehicle. The male suspect demanded the two hand over money and their backpack, in which a struggle happened.

“During the course of the struggle, the gun discharged and the male suspect fled the scene with a second suspect towards Alton Rd. Neither of the victims sustained gunshot injuries.” the press release says

Officers are looking out for a 5’8 black man wearing a black sweatshirt, a gray face mask, displaying a semi-automatic pistol, and looking for a second suspect who is taller and wearing a tan, yellow sweatshirt, and a black facemask.

The public is asked if anyone has any information. Please contact Detective Nicholas Schulte of the Hamilton Police Division Criminal Investigations Sections at (609) 689-5825, email at, or call the Hamilton Police Crime Tip Hotline at (609) 581-4008.

Shooting leaves two injured in Trenton Westward

Trenton, NJ ( Mercer ) Two people are wounded after being shot in Trenton Westward Monday evening at 6:37 Pm in the 100 block of Sanhican Drive, police have not made any arrests the victims were transported to Capital Health trauma center. The Trenton Police shooting response team is investigating the cause of the shooting under the direction of detective Sergeant Yolanda Ward is continuing the investigation.


Trenton, NJ (Mercer) The National weather service in Philadelphia has issued a Winter storm watch for Mercer County from Sunday afternoon 4:00 Pm to Tuesday 1:00Am. Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations over 7 inches possible. Winds could gust as high as 50 mph creating significant blowing and drifting of snow. Snow will develop west to east late Sunday and last through late Monday or early Tuesday. A period of wintry mix or rain could occur Sunday night and Monday morning, especially along and near the coast, before turning back to snow Monday afternoon. The highest snowfall rates are most likely to occur late Monday.

UPDATE: Heavy snow possible. Total snow accumulations of 11 to 15 inches possible. Winds could gust as high as 45 mph. Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute.

Mercer County Prosecutor’s Detectives Put Trenton’s H-Block Behind the Eight-Ball

Trenton, NJ ( Mercer ) Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri today announced that a six- month, multi-jurisdictional investigation of narcotics distribution and violent crime in the Mercer County area has culminated with the arrest of 18 individuals and the seizure of approximately 1,000 grams of heroin, 1,000 grams of methamphetamine, 15 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, six vehicles and more than $22,000 in cash.
“Operation Eight-Ball was an enormous investigative endeavor and as a result, many violent offenders have been taken off of the street,” said Prosecutor Onofri. “I cannot thank our many law enforcement partners enough for their dedication and assistance in providing safer neighborhoods for the residents of Trenton and Mercer County.”
“Our law enforcement challenges this year required a coordinated plan, and I’m thankful for the city, county, state, and federal officers who stepped up to make Trenton a safer place to live,” said Trenton Police Director Sheilah A. Coley. “In just this operation alone, their hard work yielded multiple firearms, high-capacity magazines, kilograms of narcotics, and more than 15 arrests, six of which are connected to several homicides. This multi-tiered response awaits any criminal group that seeks to plague our streets with drugs and violence.”
STEPHANIE A. KATZ First Assistant Prosecutor
TAREK A. ELKACHOUTY Deputy Chief of County Detectives

“This investigation makes clear the violence associated with drug trafficking,” said Susan A. Gibson, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New Jersey Division. “Those targeted in this investigation brought violence and misery to the residents of Mercer County. Their arrests have made the community safer, and DEA will continue to work with our partners to pursue those who violate the law.”
“In the spring of 2020, as the number of shootings and homicides in Trenton began increasing at an alarming rate, we set out to expose trends and connections that might be responsible for triggering the uptick in violence,” said Prosecutor Onofri.
The Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, the Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Economic Crime Unit, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and many state, county and local police agencies, began their hard-hitting investigation a short time later and dubbed the job “Operation Eight-Ball,” representing the eight-ball logo used by Trenton’s H-Block, a violent criminal street gang responsible for numerous shootings and murders in the city. According to Prosecutor Onofri, the initial investigation focused on the alleged drug activities of H-Block, and through informant information, controlled buys, surveillances and intelligence, authorities were able to obtain and execute more than 40 warrants of individuals, vehicles and locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
On November 4, 2020, search warrants were executed and arrests were made as this investigation progressed. On this day, an undercover officer made arrangements to purchase a quantity of heroin from Joseph Kaite. After conducting the narcotics transaction with the undercover detective at a gas station on North Olden Avenue in Trenton, detectives attempted to arrest Kaite, however, he fled in his vehicle. When detectives attempted to stop Kaite, he collided with a police vehicle causing heavy damage to both vehicles. He then attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended after a brief struggle. Also arrested inside the vehicle were Vincent Bowman and Zaire Jones. Search warrants related to the investigation were subsequently executed and detectives located 30 bricks of heroin and a shotgun. At an apartment on Beakes Street in Trenton, detectives located evidence related to murder of Derek Colley that resulted in homicide charges being filed against Kaite and Tabika Hale.
The investigation continued into 2021 and last week, search warrants were executed at locations in Trenton and Ewing, New Jersey, and Bristol and Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Prior to the execution of these warrants, surveillance officers followed Deshawn Abner as he traveled by cab from Bond Street in Trenton to the Extended Stay Motel on Route 1 in West Windsor where Abner and a second individual, identified as Aziz Stroman, were

observed searching a wooded area around the hotel. After searching the area for about 30 minutes, Abner was seen retrieving a box containing 210 bricks of heroin from the bushes in the hotel parking lot. After retrieving the package, Abner entered the Mercedes Benz Stroman had arrived in, and the two men departed the area. Arrest teams converged on the area and both Abner and Stroman were eventually detained after attempting to flee. A search warrant for Stroman’s Mercedes Benz was obtained and detectives located 210 bricks of heroin on the front passenger floor. Both Abner and Stroman were charged with first-degree narcotic offenses.
After Abner and Stroman were taken into custody, detectives contacted officers in Pennsylvania who had an individual identified as Ricardo Moise under observation. Through the investigation, authorities had pinpointed Moise as the supplier of heroin to North Trenton. At that time, Moise was seen moving items out of his apartment on Beaver Street in Bristol Township, and detectives from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, with assistance from Bucks County District Attorney’s Office and the Bristol Borough Police Department, arrested him for outstanding warrants as a result of distributing 75 bricks of heroin to an undercover officer in the spring of 2020. Search warrants were subsequently executed at related locations.
According to Prosecutor Onofri, the total retail value of the confiscated drugs is $228,000. The heroin is valued at $60,000; the methamphetamine is valued at $100,000; and the marijuana at $68,000.
In addition to the narcotics, authorities also seized 11 guns, six vehicles and approximately $22,000 in cash. Approximately 24 bank accounts in connection to the investigation were frozen and continue to be investigated by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Economic Crime Unit.

As a result of this cooperative investigation, the following arrests were made with the listed charges:
Ricardo Moise, 31, Bristol, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Deshawn Abner, 31, Trenton – Numerous narcotic- and weapons-related offenses Daishawn Dickerson, 30, Trenton – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Aziz Stroman, 31, Trenton – Numerous narcotic- and weapons-related offenses Zaire Jones, 20, Trenton – Conspiracy
Vincent Bowman, 20, Trenton – Conspiracy
Kashawn Batts, 33, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Jaquane Leonard, 32, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Joseph Kaite, 19, Trenton – Homicide, numerous narcotic and weapons offenses Tabika Hale, 26, Trenton – Homicide and weapons offenses
Aniyah Boone, 20, Bensalem, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Casimer Phillips, 22, Newtonville – Numerous narcotic-related offenses

Kevonte Bivens, 23, Montgomery, Alabama – Numerous narcotic-related offenses

Aleque Williams-Dixon, 21, Blackwood – Numerous narcotic-related offenses Prince Attoh, 20, Trenton – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Additionally, information obtained during Operation Eight-Ball directly linked Tyzir Hamilton, 19, Treizon Thompson, 20, and Darnell Davis, 19, to the murders of William Irizarry and Julius Vargas. Arrest warrants for the three defendants were obtained in October 2020 and search warrants were also executed at several locations, which led to the recovery of several weapons.
Operation Eight-Ball developed over six months of investigation. It initiated with the Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, the Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Economic Crime Unit, and received support and resources from 16 additional agencies including:
▪ Drug Enforcement Administration
▪ Federal Bureau of Investigation
▪ Homeland Security Investigations
▪ New Jersey State Police Crime Suppression Central ▪ Mercer County Sheriff’s Office
▪ Bucks County District Attorney’s Office (Pa.) ▪ Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office
▪ Ewing Police Department
▪ Hamilton Police Division
▪ Lawrence Police Department
▪ Princeton Township Police Department
▪ Robbinsville Police Department
▪ Trenton Police Department
▪ West Windsor Police Department
▪ Bristol Borough Police Department (Pa.)
▪ The College of New Jersey Police Department
In the interest of investigative security and pursuant to established court requirements, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is limited in discussing specific details regarding the ongoing investigation and the alleged conspiracies.

Aniyah Boone, 20, Bensalem, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Joseph Kaite, 19, Trenton – Homicide, numerous narcotic and weapons offenses
Aziz Stroman, 31, Trenton – Numerous narcotic- and weapons-related offenses
Daishawn Dickerson, 30, Trenton – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Ricardo Moise, 31, Bristol, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Aleque Williams-Dixon, 21, Blackwood – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Jaquane Leonard, 32, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Kashawn Batts, 33, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Kevonte Bivens, 23, Montgomery, Alabama – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Prince Attoh,20
Tabika Hale, 26, Trenton – Homicide and weapons offenses
Treizon Thompson, 20
Tyzir Hamilton,19
Vincent Bowman, 20, Trenton – Conspiracy
Darnell Davis, 19

BREAKING: Two Individuals Arrested for the Murders of Gustavo and Johnny Perez


Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri announced today that the Mercer County Homicide Task Force has charged a man and a woman in this week’s murders of Gustavo and Johnny Perez on Mulberry Street in Trenton.
Dajuan Kelley AKA “Bando,” 26, of Ewing, and Destanie Ellis, 29, of Morrisville, Pennsylvania, are each charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, one count of second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon and one count of first-degree conspiracy. Ellis was arrested Thursday night in Trenton. Kelley was arrested today in Hampton, Georgia, by the U.S. Marshals Regional Fugitive Task Force. The prosecutor’s office is filing motions to detain both defendants.
The charges are the result of an investigation by the Mercer County Homicide Task Force. Ellis conspired with Kelley, who ultimately shot and killed Gustavo and Johnny Perez, who were standing in front of a second floor kitchen window of their residence on Mulberry Street.
The shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. on October 20, 2020. Kelley shot into the second floor of the Perez residence in the 200 block of Mulberry Street. Upon arrival, police located Gustavo, 16, and his brother Johnny, 8, in the kitchen suffering from gunshot wounds. The victims were taken to Capital Health Regional Medical Center where they were pronounced dead a short time later.
Officers located eight spent shell casings on the opposite side of Breunig Avenue, approximately 50 feet from Mulberry Street. HTF detectives reviewed numerous surveillance videos from the

area of the homicide and identified two vehicles of interest and two persons of interest. A blue Chevrolet Malibu was observed making a left turn onto Enterprise Avenue, turn around toward Mulberry Street, and park in a no parking zone with its headlights off as Gustavo Perez and his older brother walked toward Breunig Avenue. Moments later, a black Ford Expedition was observed driving at a slow speed following the brothers on Mulberry Street. The driver of the Ford Expedition was observed to be a black male.
The investigation revealed that Destanie Ellis was the driver of the blue Chevrolet Malibu following Gustavo and his older brother, and Dajuan Kelley was identified as the shooter. Prior to the shooting, Ellis and Kelley were sitting in the Ford Expedition on New York Avenue when the brothers walked past her vehicle and attempted to gain entry. A verbal dispute ensued between the brothers and Kelley and Ellis.
Ellis left the area in her blue Chevrolet Malibu and called other individuals to her location as she followed Gustavo and his older brother to their residence. Ellis, Kelley and other individuals arrived on Mulberry Street in separate vehicles, and Ellis pointed out the house where Gustavo and his older brother entered. Then Kelley began shooting at the males who were in standing in front of the window.
Prosecutor Onofri thanked the all of the members of the Mercer County Homicide Task Force, comprised of assistant prosecutors, detectives, officers and agents with the prosecutor’s office, the Trenton police, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and the New Jersey State Police.
“Law enforcement is always working tirelessly to protect the public and solve crimes, but the work accomplished by the Mercer County Homicide Task Force over the last few weeks has been nothing short of extraordinary,” Prosecutor Onofri said. “To be actively investigating multiple cases, tracking down witnesses and leads, reviewing hours and hours of surveillance footage, obtaining and executing search warrants, all the while responding to new crime scenes as they develop, and be able to make several arrests in multiple cases is an example of unrelenting fortitude and dedication to public safety. I could not be more proud and I can only hope that the community continues to recognize their effort, and remain vigilant and involved.”
Prosecutor Onofri also expressed his gratitude to Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler, the Trenton Police Department, the New Jersey State Police and the U.S. Marshals Service for their continued support, shared resources and manpower.
The shooting remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to call the Homicide Task Force at (609) 989-6406. Information can also be emailed to

UPDATE: Two siblings killed in Shooting in East Trenton.

TRENTON ( MERCER) The Mercer County Prosecutors office confirmed that a shooting occurred at approximately 10:30 p.m. in the 200 block of Mulberry Street. suspect(s) shot into the second floor of a residence. Two siblings, an eight-year-old boy and 16-year-old boy, were shot and killed. It is under investigation by the Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Trenton Police.

Trenton fire battle fatal multi-alarm fire in North Ward

TRENTON (Mercer) Trenton fire department responded to the 700 block of Southard street Tuesday night after receiving multiple 911 calls for a house fire. Firefighters encountered heavy smoke coming from the residence and had trouble gaining entry as well, there were reports of a person possibly trapped inside the home but was later found dead in the home. The fire grew so intense that all fire personnel had to leave the house and move to a defensive operation shortly after that a loud explosion occurred that sent residents watching running screaming. The fire chief placed the fire under control just after 11:00 Pm, there were no reports of any injuries to firefighters, Trenton Ems and Capital Health paramedics were on scene standing by. The Mercer County Prosecutors office arson unit and the Trenton fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

UPDATE: Missing Princeton resident found deceased in Community Park

The Princeton Police Department is seeking your help in locating a missing “at risk” person by the name of Jeffery Bossart. Jeffery Bossart is a 67 year old white male, 6’0” in height and 200 lbs. Bossart was last seen on September 1, 2020 at 11:00 PM in the area of Bayard Lane on foot. If you have information that can assist in helping safely locate Jeffery Bossart, Princeton Police asl you to please call them at 609-921-2100 or dial 911.


Through a coordinated effort between the Princeton Police Department and the New Jersey State Police, Jeffery Bossart, who was reported missing September 2, 2020 to Princeton Police Department, was found deceased in Community Park North. Based on the initial information learned from the investigation, Mr. Bossart’s death is considered not suspicious at this time.

Trenton Police Officer Starkey returns home with warm welcome

HAMILTON TWP ( Mercer) Trenton Police Officer Kevin Starkey was released from Rehabilitation in Philadelphia on Friday, August 28th. Starkey arrived at his Hamilton Township home with a large welcoming of Police-Firefighters-EMTs from all over Mercer County, speechless as he hugged his niece and his colleagues.

Wednesday July 29th around 2 a.m.

An investigation has revealed that Trenton police officers were made aware of a social media posting that showed a group of individuals with guns driving around the west district of the city looking for people to shoot. An alert was broadcast via the radio and at approximately 2:26 a.m., Officers Michael Gettler and Jeffery Pownall came upon a 2003 red Ford Focus four-door sedan. After checking the license plate and confirming it was stolen in Trenton, the officers tried to initiate a traffic stop on Parkside Avenue when the vehicle began to elude them. The officers pursued the vehicle into Ewing Township onto Olden Avenue and then back into Trenton. As the officers pursued the vehicle past the Home Depot on Olden Avenue in Ewing, at least four rounds were fired from the Ford Focus at the patrol vehicle before entering back into the city. The patrol vehicle was struck one time in the top light bar before bouncing off the roof of the patrol vehicle. The officers continued their pursuit of the Ford Focus back into Trenton and as the vehicle approached the intersection of North Olden and North Clinton avenues, the stolen vehicle struck a responding Trenton police vehicle containing Officers Kevin Starkey and Brian Walker. Both vehicles spun and the stolen vehicle struck a white minivan that was traveling in the opposite direction.
Trenton Police Officers Orlando Santiago and Andy Gomez then approached the stolen vehicle and Officer Santiago slipped in fluids from the crash. He sustained cuts to his elbow as a result. Officer Gomez sustained lacerations to his hand from glass that was broken out. The three suspects were taken into custody without further incident. All injured officers and suspects were transported to Capital Health Regional Medical Center.
One shell casing and two projectiles were recovered by the Home Depot in Ewing. A FN PS90 sub-gun was recovered in the city in the area in front of 664 Olden Avenue. A Glock 26 9mm and an AR-15 pistol were recovered in the backseat of the stolen Ford Focus, and three spent 9mm casings were recovered in the front passenger seat floor board.

58 Arrested and Charged in Mercer Countyin Multi-Jurisdictional ATM Theft Scam

MERCER COUNTY, NJ – Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri announced today that 58 individuals were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit theft by deception in an organized scheme that used prepaid debit cards to steal from ATMs across the county.

On August 18, 2020, at approximately 8 a.m., Robbinsville Township police officers responded to the Santander Bank on Route 33 after receiving information that multiple individuals were gathering around the ATM using stacks of cards to withdraw money and attempting to avoid the camera on the ATM. As officers approached, the group took notice and began to hurriedly move away from the ATM. Ultimately, 20 individuals were taken into custody by police, each with multiple debit/credit cards and money in their possession.

Robbinsville police reached out to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office for assistance and investigators from both agencies quickly began collaborating with authorities in nearby towns like Hamilton, Hopewell, Lawrence, Princeton and West Windsor, as well as Santander Bank.

During the course of the investigation, officers learned that Camden County Prosecutor’s Office reported that multiple thefts occurred at Santander ATMs in its jurisdiction by individuals to fraudulently obtained money.  Camden County Prosecutor’s Office advised that the suspects in those thefts came from New York to commit the fraud in New Jersey.  Officers also received information from multiple law enforcement sources that instructions were being shared on social media on how to defraud Santander ATM machines.

Prosecutor Onofri praised the teamwork of local law enforcement and said the open lines of communication and sharing of resources allowed law enforcement to get ahead of these scammers in some instances.  

At about 9:40 a.m., West Windsor dispatch relayed the information that Robbinsville had a number of individuals in custody.  Dispatch also advised that Princeton reported a large sum of money fraudulently obtained from a Santander ATM in its jurisdiction.  Information also came in relating that the FBI and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office were actively investigating these cases.

“As a result, heightened awareness was given to the activity at Santander locations in West Windsor,” Prosecutor Onofri said.  “West Windsor officers and detectives from my office were able to detain and investigate five separate crews of suspects at different times throughout the day at the Santander Bank on Princeton-Hightstown Road, resulting in many arrests.”

In Lawrence Township, police were also alerted to the ATM scam perpetrated against the Princeton Santander, and a description was provided of the suspects and the vehicles used in commission of that crime.  Lawrence was further made aware of the countywide scam that was occurring and heightened attention was given to the Santander banks in their town.  Shortly thereafter, at about 9:45 a.m., a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle used in the Princeton scam was spotted in the area of the Santander bank at on Franklin Corner Road.  The occupants from the suspect vehicle were stopped and investigated, and ultimately charged with the conspiracy.  The bank reported abnormally high ATM usage and a shortage of approximately $40,000. 

In Hamilton Township, at approximately 10 a.m., Hamilton police were detailed to the Santander Bank located on South Broad Street on the report of two suspicious vehicles in the parking lot of the bank.  It was reported that other Santander Banks in neighboring jurisdictions were reporting suspicious activities at the ATMs so units were detailed to Santander Bank ATM locations throughout Hamilton.  Additional vehicles and suspects were located throughout the day at the ATMs found at 1700 Nottingham Way, 1700 Kuser Road and 2730 Nottingham Way.  During the investigations bank cards, cash, marijuana, and a handgun were recovered.

Hopewell Township had three separate incidents involving separate crews that started around 11:30 a.m. at the Santander Bank on Pennington Road.  Several foot chases ensued and all subjects were apprehended.  In addition to the conspiracy charge, Sekou Touray, of East Orange, NJ, was charged with resisting arrest and aggravated assault of a prosecutor’s detective.

Similar incidents were reported in multiple other jurisdictions throughout the state.  The investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be pending.  Authorities are still executing search warrants and working with Santander Bank to determine exactly how much money was stolen.  At this time, the total across municipalities in Mercer County is more than $250,000.

During the investigation, bank cards, debit cards, credit cards, cash, marijuana, and a handgun were recovered.  Additionally, more than a dozen vehicles were seized throughout the county.  Robbinsville K-9 Quori sniffed out cocaine totaling 150 grams in the trunk of one of the suspect vehicles in Robbinsville.

The following individuals were arrested and charged in Mercer County on Tuesday, August 18, 2020:

Hamilton Township: 1. Tyler Holness, 21, of Yonkers, NY | 2. Rasheem Lee Jr., 18, of Bronx, NY | 3. Kymani Hinds, 18, of Bronx, NY | 4. Michael Santiago, 26, of Bronx, NY | 5. Saquan Vaines, 21, of Arverne, NY | 6. Kareema Hall, 20, of Bronx, NY | 7. Justin Brown, 22, of Arverne, NY | 8. Michael Manroop, 24, of Cambridge Heights, NY | 9. Nayvon Patten, 18, of Linderhurst, NY | 10. Jerry Trujillo, 24, of Maplewood, NJ | 11. Zaire Lewis, 18, of Maplewood, NJ | 12. Frankie Jerome, 21, of Maplewood, NJ | 13. Ahmad Muhammad, 18, of Maplewood, NJ | 14. Jordan Saquan, 24, of Brooklyn, NY | 15. Arian Rasul, 22, of Brooklyn, NY | 16. Starsheen Jones, 24, of Brooklyn, NY | 17. Jordan Amador, 27, of Brooklyn, NY | 18. Steven Wilson, 23, of New York, NY | 19. Nikye Bee, 25, of New York, NY | 20. Kevin Jones, 23, of New York, NY

Hopewell Township: 1. Ebrama Touray, 23, of East Orange, NJ | 2. Mbemba Kaba, 23, of East Orange, NJ | 3. Yacouba Sanogo, 24, of Newark, NJ | 4. Sekou Touray, 22, of East Orange, NJ | 5. Kingsley Nicolas, 22, of East Orange, NJ | 6. Orlando C. Chambers Jr, 21, of Lindenhurst, NY | 7. Emmanuel Edoise Oyakhilome, 22, of Lindenhurst, NY

Lawrence Township: 1. Elijah N. Oliver, 22, of Brooklyn, NY | 2. Dandrea Taylor Dey, 22, of Brooklyn, NY | 3. Quentin A. Hosten, 22, of Brooklyn, NY | 4. Zachary B. Johnson, 21, of Brooklyn, NY

Robbinsville Township: 1. Amoire Dupree, 26, of Brooklyn, NY | 2. Brittany Gittens, 20, of Brooklyn, NY | 3. Hurshum Gittens, 26, of Brooklyn, NY | 4. Charles Gordon, 30, of Brooklyn, NY | 5. Veronica Gregory, 22, of Brooklyn, NY | 6. Oswin Philander, 21, of Brooklyn, NY | 7. Jeffrey Debrosse, 31, of Brooklyn, NY | 8. Bolade Akingboy, 29, of West Hempstead, NY | 9. Jeffrey Desir, 34, of Brooklyn, NY | 10. Julio Ramos, 33, of Jamaica, NY | 11. Kevin Philander, 26, of Newark, DE | 12. Jishawn Lee, 19, of Brooklyn, NY | 13. Marlon Owens, 28, of Bronx, NY | 14. Alex Burnett, 30, of Jersey City, NJ | 15. D.T., 16, of Brooklyn, NY | 16. J.F., 16, of Brooklyn, NY | 17. Ackeem Samuel, 25, of Brooklyn, NY | 18. Brandon Esperance, 20, of Brooklyn, NY | 19. Kevin Owusu, 19, of Brooklyn, NY | 20. Kareem Courtney, 23, of Brooklyn, NY

West Windsor: 1. Philek Barington, 25, of Queens, NY | 2. LaTonya S. Stevens, 26, of Bronx, NY | 3. Qwashan D. Mack, 19, of North Brunswick, NJ | 4. Hymeen S. Reynolds, 19, of East Orange, NJ | 5. Brajae U. Jones, 23, of Englewood, NJ | 6. Bryon K Jones Jr., 28, of Garfield, NJ | 7. Carla E. Donayre-Solano, 28, of Garfield, NJ.

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