Woman refused to pull over for Police near Capital Building

Trenton, NJ (MERCER) Earlier today while waiting for the highly anticipated protest in downtown Trenton, with sirens blaring, a Trenton Police unit was in pursuit of a truck traveling up Barrack Street towards West State Street.

While stopped at the traffic light, multiple news media ran to the corner to watch as the Officer, with his gun drawn, approached the stopped vehicle. The officer could be heard shouting: “Put it in park, put it in park!” At that moment, the female driver was pulled out of the vehicle along with the passenger. The two were spoken to by the police and were eventually released after receiving what appeared to be multiple tickets.

Pro-Trump protestors no show at Trenton Capital Building

TRENTON, NJ (MERCER) A protest that was scheduled to happen in all 50 state Capitals did not happen in the Garden State ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day scheduled, Wednesday, January 20th.

In preparation for the anticipated protest, the Capital City took precautionary measures and closed off several streets in the downtown areas. In addition, there was a heavy police presence from the Trenton Police Department, New Jersey State Police as well as the New Jersey Department of Corrections Police.

Mayor Gusciora was on site and present to ensure that everything was under control, “We’re all breathing a collective sign of relief, we’ve noticed that there’s more skateboarders than protesters; we’re grateful for that, and for the police that are protecting the Capital City.”

The NJ DOT has reopened West State street and Calhoun Street to North Willow.

Mercer County partnering with Capital Health to openCOVID-19 vaccination site at CURE Arena (From Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes)

TRENTON – Mercer County will open a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at CURE Insurance Arena in partnership with Capital Health, which will manage the site, County Executive Brian M. Hughes announced today. A soft opening is planned for next week.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to help get eligible people vaccinated as quickly as possible,” Mr. Hughes said. “We had a successful partnership with Capital Health during the COVID-19 testing program we established last spring, and I can’t think of a more fitting partner for this next phase of the pandemic response – the vaccination phase.”

“Capital Health has been taking an organized approach to meet the needs of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Louis F. D’Amelio, M.D., FACS, Vice President Clinical Performance at Capital Health. “As health care providers, we are proud to partner with Mercer County and the CURE Arena to administer vaccines in the upcoming weeks.

“We are excited to get started because we know that every vaccine we administer will help save a life and is a step closer to ensuring community protection against COVID-19. At this time, opening date of the center is dependent on supply of the vaccine and coordination of registration platforms,” Dr. D’Amelio said.

Mr. Hughes said state officials anticipate that the federal government soon will be releasing increased amounts of vaccine, but the time frame is uncertain.

“When we do get vaccine, we’ll make sure that every single dose gets put in the arm of someone who wants it,” he said.

Like other vaccination locations, the arena site will be for those eligible under the state’s phasing plan that is designed to ensure those most at risk are prioritized. The public is advised to pre-register to receive a vaccination through the New Jersey Vaccination Scheduling System at https://covidvaccine.nj.gov. Those who have pre-registered will be notified when they are eligible to make a vaccination appointment. Appointments currently are required at all vaccination sites. State officials have said they expect to have a consumer call center up and running soon to assist people without Internet access in scheduling appointments, and to help answer general inquiries and questions.

Mercer County also is working on opening a vaccination site  at Mercer County Community College (MCCC) that would be managed by the County Health Officers Association and utilize all of the resources and staffing available from the municipal and county health offices, as well as MCCC nursing students. The CURE Insurance Arena and MCCC locations will supplement, not replace, smaller vaccination sites including those currently being operated by municipal health departments and other health care facilities in Mercer County.

For more information on the CURE Insurance Arena and MCCC vaccination sites, email publichealth@mercercounty.org.

The state this week expanded current vaccination eligibility to people age 65 and older, plus people ages 16 to 64 with certain chronic medical conditions that increase the risk of severe illness from the virus. These individuals join those already eligible: front-line health care workers, residents and staff of long-term and congregate facilities in Phase 1A, and sworn law enforcement personnel, firefighters and other first responders in Phase 1B. An announcement by the state regarding the remainder of essential workers and individuals at high risk who will be eligible under Phase 1B and Phase 1C will be forthcoming.

Street Closure Alert – Mayor Reed Gusciora

Seal of the City of Trenton

City of Trenton

Office of the Mayor W. Reed Gusciora
News Release

Jan. 16, 2021

Streets Around City Hall and Capitol Complex Closed Jan. 16 through Jan. 20, 2021

Earlier this week, a flyer was circulated online calling for armed protests at all state capitol buildings on Jan. 17, 2021. While law enforcement has informed us that there are no credible threats in our area at this time, they are prepared to respond immediately if need be. The Trenton Police Department is in constant contact with the N.J. State Police, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, and the FBI.

In an overabundance of caution, several streets will be closed around City Hall and the N.J. Capitol Complex over the next few days:

  • The N.J. State Police will close W. State Street from Calhoun St. to Willow St. starting 10:00 a.m. on Jan. 17, 2021.
  • Starting at 4:00 p.m. today, the City of Trenton will close Stockton St. at E. State street, Front St., and the City Hall Parking Lot. The City will also close E. State St. at Barry Hogan Way.

As always, if you see something, say something. All residents should report suspicious activity to 609-989-4000 or call 911 for an emergency.

If necessary, the City will post additional updates on Facebook and its website at www.trentonnj.org. Residents can also sign up to receive important announcements by texting ‘Trenton411’ to 99411 or sign up for robocalls at https://bit.ly/2WgJ1gj.

Trenton Prepares for Protestors!

In preparation for an impending protest due to take place in downtown Trenton this weekend, all streets and bridges in the downtown area will be closed on Sunday, January 17th, as per an advisory from the Trenton Downtown Association.

Several flyers have been circulating on social media indicating that groups may come in full force, this time in all 50 state capitals, in order to express their displeasure with the 2020 Election and recent naming of President Elect Joe Biden as the incoming 46th President of the United States.

We were informed that local as well as State police are on high alert and security measures are in place to deter any violence.

Fire Breaks Out on Commonwealth Avenue

By Peterson Breaking News Team

1/15/2021 Trenton NJ: Trenton Fire department was dispatched to Commonwealth Ave Resident

6 fire trucks respond to a all hands fire on Commonwealth Ave. blocking the entire intersection from the public. Firefighters arrived on scene shortly after 1pm got control of the blaze within the hour.

Battalion Chief Michael Welsh explained that the fire was originally set at 1 alarm fire before being categorized as an “all hands on deck fire” requiring multiple trucks.

1/15/2021 Trenton NJ: The Trenton Fire Department investigates the cause of the fire.

“When there is a report of smoke shelling, or obviously fire, we upgrade the assignment,” Said Battalion Cheif Weltsh which gives us an extra engine and an extra ladder to report to the scene. So when engine seven arrived on scene, they said he had smoke shell and division two and three. So it was upgraded to an all hands and that brought the additional engine and water to the scene.”

The fire department reported no injuries during the event. The scene has since been cleared.

Residents Evacuated after Suspicious Package

By Peterson Breaking News Team

1/14/2021 Hamilton NJ: A State police bomb squad operative checks package for suspicious activity. Photo | Drew Mumich

Residents were ordered to evacuate on South Olden Ave. this afternoon on Jan. 14th after a suspicious package was called in at one of the residents. State Police, Hamilton Police and the bomb squad were called in to investigate the threat, making all residents on the street evacuate the area. 

Police were vague when ordering people out of the houses with the hope not to incite a bigger incident as Jared Gattson, a resident on the street said. 

“I know it’s not normal, when police are vague like that, they let you know something without saying it.” said Gattson. “It’s something definitely out of the ordinary, I was just waiting to see if I have to get my family out the way.”

1/14/2021 Hamilton NJ: Hamilton Police Officer blocks off a part South Olden Ave. to prevent the public from getting closer. Photo | Drew Mumich

Multiple police cars and vans were seen on the avenue blocking off all entrances to the public. The bomb squad was seen entering the house of the suspicious package.

Hamilton Police were unable to comment on the events.

1/14/2021 Hamilton: Hamilton Police and State Police working together control the area. Photo | Drew Mumich

The residents in question were known to have problems in the past, but this is the first time in recent memory that the entire street was shut down. The situation has since been resolved, (no bomb was found), the road is now open and residents have been allowed back into their homes.

1/14/2021 Hamilton| Police Bomb Squad Van parked outside the residents. Photo | Drew Mumich

Update 1/15/2021 10:05 AM

Hamilton Police released a press release late last night that at 2pm officers were detailed to a residence on the 800 block of S. Olden Avenue after a suspicious device was located in a residents house.

The Press release states “The New Jersey State Police Bomb Unit and Mercer County Sheriff’s Bomb Detection Dog was dispatched to the seen, as well as detectives from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. The residence was then cleared of the suspicious deceive. Upon further inspection of the item, it was determined that it was an imitation explosive device.”

Two injured in car accident

By Peterson Breaking News Team

1/14/2021 Hamilton Nj: Car Accident at the Chambers and Hamilton intersection. Photo | Drew Mumich

There was a two-car motor vehicle crash involving a dominos delivery driver at the Chambers and Hamilton intersection. The crash was cleared up within the hour sending both drivers to local hospitals. The intersection has since been cleared out.

Mercer County Prosecutor’s Detectives Put Trenton’s H-Block Behind the Eight-Ball

Trenton, NJ ( Mercer ) Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri today announced that a six- month, multi-jurisdictional investigation of narcotics distribution and violent crime in the Mercer County area has culminated with the arrest of 18 individuals and the seizure of approximately 1,000 grams of heroin, 1,000 grams of methamphetamine, 15 pounds of marijuana, 11 guns, six vehicles and more than $22,000 in cash.
“Operation Eight-Ball was an enormous investigative endeavor and as a result, many violent offenders have been taken off of the street,” said Prosecutor Onofri. “I cannot thank our many law enforcement partners enough for their dedication and assistance in providing safer neighborhoods for the residents of Trenton and Mercer County.”
“Our law enforcement challenges this year required a coordinated plan, and I’m thankful for the city, county, state, and federal officers who stepped up to make Trenton a safer place to live,” said Trenton Police Director Sheilah A. Coley. “In just this operation alone, their hard work yielded multiple firearms, high-capacity magazines, kilograms of narcotics, and more than 15 arrests, six of which are connected to several homicides. This multi-tiered response awaits any criminal group that seeks to plague our streets with drugs and violence.”
STEPHANIE A. KATZ First Assistant Prosecutor
TAREK A. ELKACHOUTY Deputy Chief of County Detectives

“This investigation makes clear the violence associated with drug trafficking,” said Susan A. Gibson, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s New Jersey Division. “Those targeted in this investigation brought violence and misery to the residents of Mercer County. Their arrests have made the community safer, and DEA will continue to work with our partners to pursue those who violate the law.”
“In the spring of 2020, as the number of shootings and homicides in Trenton began increasing at an alarming rate, we set out to expose trends and connections that might be responsible for triggering the uptick in violence,” said Prosecutor Onofri.
The Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, the Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Economic Crime Unit, along with the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and many state, county and local police agencies, began their hard-hitting investigation a short time later and dubbed the job “Operation Eight-Ball,” representing the eight-ball logo used by Trenton’s H-Block, a violent criminal street gang responsible for numerous shootings and murders in the city. According to Prosecutor Onofri, the initial investigation focused on the alleged drug activities of H-Block, and through informant information, controlled buys, surveillances and intelligence, authorities were able to obtain and execute more than 40 warrants of individuals, vehicles and locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
On November 4, 2020, search warrants were executed and arrests were made as this investigation progressed. On this day, an undercover officer made arrangements to purchase a quantity of heroin from Joseph Kaite. After conducting the narcotics transaction with the undercover detective at a gas station on North Olden Avenue in Trenton, detectives attempted to arrest Kaite, however, he fled in his vehicle. When detectives attempted to stop Kaite, he collided with a police vehicle causing heavy damage to both vehicles. He then attempted to flee on foot but was apprehended after a brief struggle. Also arrested inside the vehicle were Vincent Bowman and Zaire Jones. Search warrants related to the investigation were subsequently executed and detectives located 30 bricks of heroin and a shotgun. At an apartment on Beakes Street in Trenton, detectives located evidence related to murder of Derek Colley that resulted in homicide charges being filed against Kaite and Tabika Hale.
The investigation continued into 2021 and last week, search warrants were executed at locations in Trenton and Ewing, New Jersey, and Bristol and Morrisville, Pennsylvania. Prior to the execution of these warrants, surveillance officers followed Deshawn Abner as he traveled by cab from Bond Street in Trenton to the Extended Stay Motel on Route 1 in West Windsor where Abner and a second individual, identified as Aziz Stroman, were

observed searching a wooded area around the hotel. After searching the area for about 30 minutes, Abner was seen retrieving a box containing 210 bricks of heroin from the bushes in the hotel parking lot. After retrieving the package, Abner entered the Mercedes Benz Stroman had arrived in, and the two men departed the area. Arrest teams converged on the area and both Abner and Stroman were eventually detained after attempting to flee. A search warrant for Stroman’s Mercedes Benz was obtained and detectives located 210 bricks of heroin on the front passenger floor. Both Abner and Stroman were charged with first-degree narcotic offenses.
After Abner and Stroman were taken into custody, detectives contacted officers in Pennsylvania who had an individual identified as Ricardo Moise under observation. Through the investigation, authorities had pinpointed Moise as the supplier of heroin to North Trenton. At that time, Moise was seen moving items out of his apartment on Beaver Street in Bristol Township, and detectives from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, with assistance from Bucks County District Attorney’s Office and the Bristol Borough Police Department, arrested him for outstanding warrants as a result of distributing 75 bricks of heroin to an undercover officer in the spring of 2020. Search warrants were subsequently executed at related locations.
According to Prosecutor Onofri, the total retail value of the confiscated drugs is $228,000. The heroin is valued at $60,000; the methamphetamine is valued at $100,000; and the marijuana at $68,000.
In addition to the narcotics, authorities also seized 11 guns, six vehicles and approximately $22,000 in cash. Approximately 24 bank accounts in connection to the investigation were frozen and continue to be investigated by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Economic Crime Unit.

As a result of this cooperative investigation, the following arrests were made with the listed charges:
Ricardo Moise, 31, Bristol, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Deshawn Abner, 31, Trenton – Numerous narcotic- and weapons-related offenses Daishawn Dickerson, 30, Trenton – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Aziz Stroman, 31, Trenton – Numerous narcotic- and weapons-related offenses Zaire Jones, 20, Trenton – Conspiracy
Vincent Bowman, 20, Trenton – Conspiracy
Kashawn Batts, 33, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Jaquane Leonard, 32, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Joseph Kaite, 19, Trenton – Homicide, numerous narcotic and weapons offenses Tabika Hale, 26, Trenton – Homicide and weapons offenses
Aniyah Boone, 20, Bensalem, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Casimer Phillips, 22, Newtonville – Numerous narcotic-related offenses

Kevonte Bivens, 23, Montgomery, Alabama – Numerous narcotic-related offenses

Aleque Williams-Dixon, 21, Blackwood – Numerous narcotic-related offenses Prince Attoh, 20, Trenton – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Additionally, information obtained during Operation Eight-Ball directly linked Tyzir Hamilton, 19, Treizon Thompson, 20, and Darnell Davis, 19, to the murders of William Irizarry and Julius Vargas. Arrest warrants for the three defendants were obtained in October 2020 and search warrants were also executed at several locations, which led to the recovery of several weapons.
Operation Eight-Ball developed over six months of investigation. It initiated with the Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, the Mercer County Homicide Task Force and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Economic Crime Unit, and received support and resources from 16 additional agencies including:
▪ Drug Enforcement Administration
▪ Federal Bureau of Investigation
▪ Homeland Security Investigations
▪ New Jersey State Police Crime Suppression Central ▪ Mercer County Sheriff’s Office
▪ Bucks County District Attorney’s Office (Pa.) ▪ Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office
▪ Ewing Police Department
▪ Hamilton Police Division
▪ Lawrence Police Department
▪ Princeton Township Police Department
▪ Robbinsville Police Department
▪ Trenton Police Department
▪ West Windsor Police Department
▪ Bristol Borough Police Department (Pa.)
▪ The College of New Jersey Police Department
In the interest of investigative security and pursuant to established court requirements, the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office is limited in discussing specific details regarding the ongoing investigation and the alleged conspiracies.

Aniyah Boone, 20, Bensalem, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Joseph Kaite, 19, Trenton – Homicide, numerous narcotic and weapons offenses
Aziz Stroman, 31, Trenton – Numerous narcotic- and weapons-related offenses
Daishawn Dickerson, 30, Trenton – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Ricardo Moise, 31, Bristol, Pa. – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Aleque Williams-Dixon, 21, Blackwood – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Jaquane Leonard, 32, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Kashawn Batts, 33, Trenton – Numerous weapons-related offenses
Kevonte Bivens, 23, Montgomery, Alabama – Numerous narcotic-related offenses
Prince Attoh,20
Tabika Hale, 26, Trenton – Homicide and weapons offenses
Treizon Thompson, 20
Tyzir Hamilton,19
Vincent Bowman, 20, Trenton – Conspiracy
Darnell Davis, 19